Start-Up – Does Yours Have the Right DNA?

‘Start-Up’ is a very broad term covering so many different types of business that it seems to encompass all SMEs at some point in their early years.

Everyone brings something different to their own Start-Up. You have a business idea; you’ve seen a gap in the market and know just what would fit there. You want to bring a new perspective to an existing market or product. You will be bringing your own specialist knowledge to the fore by starting out on your own.

Start-Up Diversity

It isn’t just the different offerings that make start up companies so diverse. There is no template; it might be your first, it might be your fifth but the culture, structure and even physical office space will never be the same twice.

So what is similar across Start-Ups? What is the DNA; the building blocks? Wayra UK are looking to answer that question by surveying Start-Ups across all sectors in the UK and using these insights to create a key report detailing the social and cultural make up of companies in their early years. Using the diversity seen in large companies as a starting point they are aiming to see what diversity exists and how this translates into a dividend for new ventures. []

As a business owner projects like this might be trying to tell you what you already know: Start-Up life is varied, diverse, rewarding and really hard. So what happens when you reach the stage where you need to look outside your business to reach your next milestone? Where will you find your next generation of customers and contacts? How will you ensure funding for your next stage of growth?

If you are thinking about the future of your Start-Up and want to find out more about how ABP can help you with funding, a business growth strategy or the rejuvenation of your business then try our 10 minute SPA assessments to see how we can help you reach the next stage of your business.

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