How do you feel about the IT in your business? How much control/confidence do you have over it and what value does it deliver? Advances in technology have significantly changed the IT landscape over the last 5+ years, yet the provision of IT for small to medium sized businesses remains the same. Today’s fast paced, agile business environments need a new approach which builds appropriate systems and processes around the company’s vision and it’s people. IT should enable your business to operate faster and work more effectively which is why we are here to show you what’s really possible.

“I found the wider approach to IT business very refreshing and closely aligned to our own” Andy Stanton, www.4.Digital



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Gordon Petrie

Head of Business IT

I aim to give business owners the confidence to achieve what they need from IT, working with them to ensure that the people, processes and systems in the business are all in alignment. This is especially critical given the speed of change we see in today’s market. Analysis and problem-solving skills underpin my approach to deliver business IT that works.

I have gained over 30 years’ experience across a spectrum of IT segments, working for companies ranging from brand leaders to start-ups. The roles I have fulfilled include sales, business development and marketing, with a variety of management roles included, but always with a hands-on approach. I left corporate life six years ago, and since then I have gained experience with SMEs that has given me a rounded experience of businesses in many different sectors, large and small.

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