What Will Business Coaching Do For Me?


Many SMEs and startups are investing in business coaching and mentors in order to propel them to new heights and ensure they reach their goals. But with all the buzz and hubbub surrounding business coaches, it can be tempting for those running a business to wonder: “What’s in it for me?”

Here we explain exactly what business coaching will do for you, from offering you the support necessary to take the reins and run a business, to expansion and growth that wouldn’t be possible without a mentor on board.

The first thing to clarify is that coaching and mentoring is for winners, not losers. The business owners that recognise their weaknesses and hire an expert to come on board and show them the way are greatly more likely to succeed than the ones who stick stubbornly to their own misguided ideas and shrug off all assistance. Business coaching will offer those who wish to further themselves, as well as their business, a go-to mentor who will impart their hard-earned knowledge and bestow upon them gems of business savvy that will see their business surpass all those around it.

Working alongside a business mentor also offers a move beyond traditional training. Rather than ticking boxes and attending courses, owners and managers are given first-hand experience of what it’s like to work alongside an expert. They may not receive any conventional qualifications for the training alongside their coach, but they will get something that is even more valuable; the nous and the know-how necessary to eventually run their own company unaided, achieving success, growing and always moving forwards.

Business mentors will also provide something that is rarely spoken of in the business world, especially in the upper echelons: support. More than anything, especially in the current economic climate, business owners and managers need support. They need someone to turn to who will reassure them that they are on the right track, or will point them in the direction they need to be heading in order to achieve a certain goal. They need someone who will offer impartial advice based on not on affiliation with a brand, but based on their professional observations and experience. They need someone who can offer support as they improve their leadership skills, as they manage underperformance in the lower ranks of the business and as they make the important decisions that will shape the future of the company.

Put simply, business coaches are an invaluable resource for businesses and the people running them. Start-up survival can often hinge on the decisions made by their executives, and it is crucial that these people have had the advice and the education necessary for them to choose the right path.

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